Our services

Technical assistance with the project redaction

1. Management of the submission platform

  • Registration of the client in the European Union database to obtain the Participant Identification Code (PIC).
  • Management of the submission platform in the Funding and Tender Portal.

2. Redaction and submission of the proposal

  • Feasibility analysis of the project idea.
  • Verification of compliance with the formal criteria for participation in the call.
  • Redaction of the application form and definition of the provisional budget.
  • Creation of the transnational consortium and collection of the partners’ documents.
  • Formal verification of the completeness of the application package.
  • Submission of the project proposal within the call deadline.

Project management and reporting

  • Monitoring of the evaluation procedure.
  • Support during the grant agreement preparation procedure.
  • Management of the relationship with the Commission Project Officer.
  • Administrative and financial management.
  • Redaction of the project reports and financial statements.


Medin Europe organises training courses for public officials or groups of entrepreneurs interested in acquiring or increasing their skills in EU project management.